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At The Wright Firm, our attorneys are committed to obtaining great results for our clients. With varied backgrounds, diverse skills, and over 20 years of combined experience, all our lawyers are well-prepared to handle Texas Bankruptcy cases as well as family law matters, estate planning and probate matters, and criminal defense, including DWI.
Choosing a bankruptcy attorney to guide you through the process is a crucial decision. At The Wright firm, we will do our best to show you that choosing The Wright Firm as your legal representative is the right choice. Let us help you begin your journey to a fresh financial future.

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Feeling crushed under the weight of:

  • Too much credit card debt?
  • Late home mortgage and car payments?
  • Lawsuits and eviction?
  • Tax debts and liens?
  • Auto repossession?
  • Creditors calling at all hours of the day and night?

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